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The best ways to avoid risk when renting

No rental agreement is without risk; however, this does not mean that rentals do not offer lucrative opportunities for all parties involved. According to Stefan du Plessis, managing member at Rent Protect, a niche product provider that offers protection on rental income, there are certain best practice principles that help all parties avoid the typical […]

Property Investors Need To Be Wary

Residential property investors need to be wary as tenants face tough economic conditions South Africans breathed a sigh of relieved when the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) announced that the Repo Rate was going to stay at seven percent1. However, property investors still need to be vigilant when it comes to not only managing their […]

What to do when Your Tenant is not Paying Rent

What to do when a Tenant is not Paying Rent If you speak to any property owner or managing agent with a new or established rental book, their greatest concern will be, “the tenant is not paying their rent.” There are steps that can be taken when dealing with a defaulting tenant before calling in legal assistance which […]

Property Rental Insurance for Estate Agents and Landlords

Rent Protect Launches Property Rental Insurance for Landlords and Estate Agencies Rent Protect provides property rental insurance to the South African market, offering landlords and estate agents a service which guarantees their monthly rental income despite defaulting tenants. Although many believe that they are on their own when dealing with a delinquent tenant, there are ways to protect your investment and revenue […]