Tenant Insurance

Property Rental Insurance for Estate Agents and Landlords

Rent Protect Launches Property Rental Insurance

for Landlords and Estate Agencies

Rent Protect provides property rental insurance to the South African market, offering landlords and estate agents a service which guarantees their monthly rental income despite defaulting tenants.

Although many believe that they are on their own when dealing with a delinquent tenant, there are ways to protect your investment and revenue stream. Rent Protect is also available to tenants who wish to secure their future in uncertain economic times.

“Rent Protect offers tangible rental insurance to tenants, landlords and estate agents,” says Stefan du Plessis, Managing Member at Rent Protect. “We cover up to three months rent up to the value of R50 000, and up to R75 000 in legal assistance.”

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Rent Protect is fully compliant with the Consumer Protection Act and is also available to all vetted tenants with a valid lease agreement.

du Plessis adds, “Estate agents will also benefit from Rent Protect because we cover all residential rental properties within the groups’ portfolio, inclusive of legal assistance. Your business can now guarantee your client’s rental income, further securing market share and strengthening your competitive position. Estate agents and landlords simply need to contact Rent Protect and provide us with the required rental property details in order to qualify for cover.

“Rent Protect’s property rental insurance will give landlords and estate agents peace of mind, especially in the current economic climate.”

du Plessis concludes, “We truly believe that we can positively impact the rental market by providing our clients with great value for money and of course the monthly rent.”

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visit www.rentprotect.co.za or Tel: 086 055 5227